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Modern Musician – Career Chronicles

Hello Fam.

A new chapter begins. Recently I joined a punk rock band in its infancy. I thought this would be a perfect way to kick off the Modern Musician Career Chronicles; a series of mini episodes where I document the journey from the earliest stages of starting a band all the way to success and everything in between. I aim to inspire other musicians to take a look at a real strategy for success instead of relying on luck or waiting for success to just “happen”. Success only happens for those who go out and achieve it through hard work and consistent effort towards reaching small goals. I know so many artists and bands who’s only goal is to play shows, record their music and then hopefully sell their music at their shows. This is fine if your music is only a hobby but if you want to be successful as a musician, and build a sustainable career, you have to do a little more than hope people will enjoy your show enough to purchase your cd.  Today’s modern technology can open so many more doors and opportunities, you can reach literally thousands of people are likely to enjoy your type of music per day, track who views your videos, likes your post, shares your content, and leaves a comment. All of this data is very valuable when wielded properly, and it can literally earn an artist a 6 figure income when a real strategy is cooked up and executed. It’s all about marketing and I’ll teach you some of these strategies in later episodes but for now, here is episode one, shot very poorly. I’ll improve the quality of my videos in the future, with more info and good stuff, but we’re just getting started so enjoy.